driversed1Kenney Company provides Auto and Cycle Endorsement testing for the State of Michigan.

Established in 1993, we offer superior customer service and a comfortable indoor waiting area. Our emphasis is on safe driving and giving a fair road skills test followed by a comprehensive analysis and review. Scheduling is offered online or by phone. Car rental options are available.

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Traci Bastuba  03/03/21
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

My husband and I can not say enough about this company. We have used them four times since 2012 and were very pleased each time. Laura, Mary, and Steve were fabulous with all four of our kids. From the moment we signed up until they had their certificate in hand I knew we were in good hands. The time they took with each of my kids and the way they helped them learn from their experience meant so much to us. All four kids felt good about their experience and took what each instructor said to heart. We rode with two of the kids and were so pleased at how they made our kids feel relaxed and the tone in which they spoke to them was filled with kindness. The other two went on the road test on their own since they were 18 and had the same experience. They felt relaxed and like the instructors really cared about them. The professionalism shown to my family was amazing. All three of the instructors were kind, compassionate, helpful, and positive with each of our kids through the years. We were truly blessed! My husband and I will always recommend Kenny Company to our family and friends! A heartfelt thank you to Mary, Laura, and Steve!

Positive: Communication, Professionalism

To say Laura was “awesome” would be a huge understatement. She was beyond “awesome” from start to finish. She takes pride in her work and understands this process is a huge milestone in the life of a teenager. She explained to my son each step of the process, making sure he understood what was expected. While my son was quite nervous, as I believe most teens are when taking their toad test, the level of professionalism demonstrated by her quickly set his mind at ease. As we were waiting for her to complete his certificate after the test, he said to me “She was awesome. I wasn’t nervous at all.” If you feel your teen is ready, then book their appointment with Laura today.